“At ECO, we have worked hard to create a “coaching culture” by training many in this art of coaching. Bob has excelled in this training and already a very competent coach, he’s striving for continuing certifications, being the best coach he can be for his clients.”

John Terech
Executive Director of&nvsp;Operations
ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

“The most important attribute that differentiates the good teachers, trainers, coaches and mentors from the great ones is the ability to motivate. Bob Snelling is one of those rare individuals gifted with the talent to help you launch your personal and professional life to the next level.”

Mike Doyle
Chief Line Check Pilot, Airbus-350
Delta Air Lines

“Hearing Mr. Snelling speak to my military youth group at their awards dinner, I could see the cadets taking off ideas and could witness them the following days launching their minds in exploration of the future. Mr. Snelling took them to the next level of innovation.”

LCDR William Golden
Regional Director Georgia Navy Sea Cadet Corps

“I have known Bob Snelling since 1994 when we were both freshman legislators in the Georgia House of Representatives. His engaging personality, diverse and interesting background, faith, and successes quickly evolved us into a friendship. I am pleased that this has grown over these 24 intervening years.

“When Bob told me about his interest, training and coaching, I realized this was a natural next step for what he has been doing. He naturally engages people and I’ve seen this grow into mentoring relationships that are truly life changing.

“He listens with a trained ear and his aforementioned background provides him with VERY thought provoking reflections on what has been said. Over time this evolves into actions that I own because they were from me versus Bob telling me.”

Jeff Brown, State Representative (retired)
LaGrange, GA